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BIG POLICE OPPORTUNITY: Image from behind a police roadblock after the shooting at the Field shopping centre.

COPENHAGEN/OSLO (VG) Police confirmed on Sunday evening that they are investigating several Youtube videos following the shooting at the Field shopping center in Copenhagen.


On Monday evening, Danish police confirmed that three people had died and three were seriously injured following the shooting at the Field shopping center in Copenhagen. A 22 year old man has been arrested.

Police are now working hard to clarify his motives – and whether the alleged perpetrator was alone, something they have so far believed in.

The police also confirmed to Jyllands-Posten that they had knowledge of four Youtube videos, and that they were part of the investigation.

VG has seen the relevant video, which shows a young man posing with a rifle and pistol. All of them were uploaded on Friday July 1st with the same English caption: “I don’t care”, which in Norwegian means “I don’t care”.

The young man filming himself does not speak in the video, but music can be heard in the background.

– We are familiar with the video and it is part of our investigation, deputy police inspector Lars Karlsen told Newspaper.

MEET WITNESS: Police have opened Amagerhallen at Kastrup Airport where witnesses and others who need help can talk to psychologists. Police also received witnesses who will testify on Monday evening.

He would not confirm or deny whether the man in the video is the 22-year-old Danish man who police say was behind the mass shooting.

It is not known whether police had been notified of the video in any way prior to the shooting – and if so, what they had done.

Youtube owner Google confirms for Jyllands-Posten that they removed the Sunday night video.

The motive for the mass shooting in Copenhagen is so far unknown, and police stressed at a news conference late Monday that the investigation is broad – and open to all possibilities.

Chief Superintendent Søren Thomassen also would not comment on whether the accused had been in contact with psychiatry.

In the video, the young man is wearing clothes similar to what the suspect was wearing when he was arrested.

The same account also posted four playlists with videos, including titles related to the murders.

Police wrote in a press release late Monday that they were working on a theory that the 22-year-old man acted alone.

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