Political advantage, lack of diplomatic position

In addition to being bait for the opponent, diplomatic post also stay as Award for loyal character Government in turn, as evidenced by the distribution embassies and consulates collaborators without experience in Mexico overseas service.

Earlier in the year, López Obrador ruled that the former senator Jesus Rodriguez will assume the embassy in Panamaa country that rejects historians Pedro Salmeron for being accused sexual harassment.

Since March 2021, embassies in the UK are responsible for Josefa Gonzalez-Blancoformer secretary Environment who resigned in May 2019 for ordering the termination of a commercial flights take off

Isabel Arvide, who attended several morning conference to claim official publicity and say that “he did not charge anything” during his previous six-year term, he accepted the consulate in Istanbul in July 2020 “because the President appointed me, he felt like appointing me.”

Blanca Jimenez leaves National Water Commission in 2021 to become ambassador to France “because of family problems that forced him to leave the country,” explains López Obrador. When Alfonso Suarez del Realformer head of office Claudia Sheinbaumnow a link in Strasbourg, headquarters European Union.

Daniel Muñoz, chair of the International Relations course at the Aragón College of Higher Studies (FES), mentions in this regard, although there are Mexicans who have years of knowledge and preparation for mountaineering. diplomatic postit is a pity that in the last moments of driving Embassy or consulate don’t fall back on them.

“To a greater or lesser degree, it is a very common practice where embassies and consulates serve as a reward or punishment to get rid of or get rid of uncomfortable politicians. In reality, it is not good at all, on the contrary, it greatly reduces diplomatic duty, because we have first-class overseas service; then, without a doubt, it is one of the practices that we must abolish.”

He added that, although a greater improvement of the Mexican Foreign Service was expected with the current arrival chancellorwho knows about diplomatic professionwith recent appointments indicate that this is not the case, but rather that the position of close people is increasing.

In this regard, in order to have a better selection of Mexican representatives abroad, it is hoped that from now on several commissions will be generated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), as well as the Senate, where they approved appointment to verify more precisely what the skills of the candidates are.

“We have to demand that the government show that people who— apply have those skills, but it is there that we will realize in a rather painful and sad way that most of these men and women actually have no basic knowledge of international and world relations. diplomatic“.

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