Prepare the DLC for Resident Evil Village and detail the arrival of Monster Hunter Rise to PC


Not surprisingly, when it comes to video games, capcom is one of the main exponents that comes to mind, with legendary stories such as Street Fighter, Waiting demon, Monster hunter, The devil might cry That Mega Man. And the past 2021 shows why this Japanese company is so famous, because it was a year with many successes for its launch.

First, the resounding success of Resident Evil Village guaranteed for capcom one of the first places in sales in the most important markets, Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom. And not only that, this game received many awards including awards during the Steam Awards, The Game Awards, and the Golden Joystick Awards, where the game won the Game of the Year award.

So much success that game capcom has announced to the Japanese media that this 2022, without confirming a specific date, we will be holding a DLC for Resident Evil Village, although no further details such as plot, duration, or anything of the sort were revealed. They just announced that there will be new content to download. It’s also not specified whether it will be free or paid, remember that the first DLC of the previous game, Resident Evil Biohazard, it’s free.

Meanwhile, Monster Hunter Awakens, which until now was exclusive to Nintendo Switch, he also hopes to surprise the player once he reaches computer, therefore, capcom has offered some interesting details, such as the arrival date, which will be the same as January 18, where the game’s pre-sale is already available on Steam via this link.

And the great expansion it will receive Monster Hunter Awakens, which name is sunbreak, still doesn’t have a confirmed release date, but even though it will be released in summer 2022, it’s unlikely capcom do the simultaneous release of the expansion on Nintendo Switch you computer. The safest thing is that the content comes first to Switch, to then launch to computer.

Monster Hunter Awakens: Sunbreak It will be an expansion by all means, including a new campaign to follow, secondary missions, and of course, monsters to fight and weapons and armor to forge once we defeat them and get the pieces needed to forge. In this sense, Sunrise will be similar to expansion Iceborne you have received Monster Hunter World.

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