Prime Minister Boris Johnson wished kelpers a happy holiday with irony towards Argentina

Every year, whoever the Prime Minister of Great Britain is, dedicates a year-end message to his former colony, now called the Overseas Territory. But each imposes its own mark on it, which also depends on the political and economic context in which it is passed.

For the year 2021, Boris Johnson poses an irony to highlight that London defends the autonomy it grants to the islands, alongside its sovereignty, and that they are recognized internationally. In addition, he recalled that April would be the 40th anniversary of the war he summed up as “the invasion, occupation and liberation of your islands” by Argentine forces.

“During those four decades, many things in the world have changed beyond recognition. But one thing that has remained utterly unchanged is Britain’s commitment to the Falkland Islands and their people. It is a commitment as strong as when Major General Moore accepted it. General Menendez surrender. And I can promise now that that won’t change,” Johnson said.

The prime minister is going through one of the worst moments of his government, plagued by an increase in coronavirus cases but above all because, among other political blunders, he and his inner circle have held allegedly inappropriate social gatherings while Britons were detained. quarantine. . Similar to the photo circulating about the 2020 birthday of the first lady of Argentina, Fabiola Yañez and what became known as the Olivos gate. But in the UK, photos of Johnson and his family being released at a party could bring down his reign.

But beyond that, the foreign agenda is state policy and in his message to the islanders, Johnson has not missed a single comma from the events involving the islands. Therefore, he appeals to irony for something that happened recently.

“After all, 2021 is the year that even the International Table Tennis (ping pong) Federation recognizes, in the face of strong protests from some, the inviolable sovereignty of the table tennis (ping pong) players Falkland and wafer wiff (This is what he called ping pong in the old dispute about its origins)“He started by saying.” And as long as you and your fellow islanders want to stay under the umbrella of the British Overseas Territory, that’s exactly where you’ll be staying. “

“Noisy protests” refers to a recent claim, not disclosed here, by Argentina and the president of the Argentine Table Tennis Federation before the International Tennis Federation to prevent the Falkland Islands from participating as independent members. The claim is lost and players from the islands participate as the Falkland Islands.

As reflected in the island press, the president of the Argentine Table Tennis Federation, Fernando Joffre, wrote: “The Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands are an integral part of the national territory of Argentina. And because under the illegitimate British occupation, they are in a colonial situation and are especially recognized by the United Nations, which recognizes the existence of a sovereignty dispute and calls on both sides to continue negotiations, peacefully. That’s why I want to express Argentina’s refusal and concern about how to respond to this request.”

Meanwhile, in a fun video with anecdotes, tastes and hobbies from her personal life, the new British Ambassador to Argentina, Kirsty Hayes, takes the opportunity to wish her followers in Argentina a Happy Holidays, in a completely different message and from near. “Health to all of you and your loved ones,” the diplomat said in a video that can be viewed on the British Embassy’s social network (@UKinArgentina on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) and where he answers 18 questions to get to know him better. There, successor Mark Kent also asked users to recommend a tango teacher as he aspires to use his time in Argentina to learn some of the dance steps.

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