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After the ceremony, the heir to the throne plans to spend the day with his mother.


That Prince Carlos and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, Camila, this Saturday attended a traditional Christmas mass in St. Chapel. George of Windsor Castle, whom Queen Elizabeth II has decided not to attend this year as a precaution against the high number of coronavirus cases. in England.

After the ceremony, the heir to the throne plans to spend the day with his mother, who has also stepped down, for the second year in a row, to take a trip to her house. Sandringham . country residence, in the north of England.

This afternoon, Britain’s main channels will broadcast the 95-year-old British ruler’s annual address, this time focusing on paying tribute to her ex-husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, who died aged 99 in April.

That daughter anna, 71 and the queen’s only daughter, will not join the rest of the royal family this Saturday as she has to self-isolate after her husband, 66-year-old Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence, tested positive for coronavirus.

Lord Guillermo and his wife Catalina had never been to Windsor either. to avoid the risks associated with coronavirus and celebrate Christmas in Norfolk (east England) with the Middletons.

The Archbishop of Cantebury, Primate of the Anglican Church, for his part inaugurated the Christmas Eucharist where he paid tribute to the volunteers who have helped this year’s refugees trying to reach England from France by small boats.

At a ceremony at Canterbury Cathedral, Justin Welby praised the “tremendous generosity” of these volunteers and emphasized that “the Christmas story teaches that we should treat others as ourselves.” (I)

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