PSUV: England steals from any country it can steal

The first vice-president of the United Socialist Venezuelan Party (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, denied this Monday that the British Judiciary had insisted on denying the Venezuelan State’s request for access to the Republic’s gold reserves that remained on hold last Friday. Bank of England since 2019.

“If the Malvinas Islands are stolen, what else can you expect? They are pirates on the high seas. The decision will not stop us from recovering Venezuelan gold in any way because it is a punishment agreed between them, they cannot do anything without the permission of the US,” he said.

He assured that this gold would soon arrive in Venezuela, while denouncing that the United Nations (UN) was responsible for authorizing media campaigns about Venezuela.

“We hope that this decision can be overturned and gold sent to Venezuela. They can’t do anything the United States doesn’t allow us to do, which gives us the power to know who we’re facing and fighting with,” said Diosdado Cabello.

“We have fought against the interests of the empire all our lives and here Venezuela stands, steadfast and fighting, not only its leaders but also its people. Venezuela knows that this gold will arrive in the country sooner rather than later. It’s no surprise that every time they come asking for whatever we have here and that’s when we will remind them of all (…) all the damage they have done to our country ». He added that in Venezuela there is a “government” it’s okay if Nicolás Maduro leads and the rest is funny,” he said.

Oil company alert

Cabello also referred to the case of an international oil company seeking to extract Venezuelan oil.

He reiterated that the state owes nothing to transnational oil companies that return to their country to export crude oil, quite the opposite.

“They are somehow a tactical alliance, but we set the conditions,” Cabello said at the weekly red tent press conference.

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