Puebla adds FDI by 354.1 million dollars in the first quarter of 2022

In the first quarter of 2022, Puebla state captures 354.1 million dollars for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), driven by projects in manufacturing, trading, power generation and transmission.

Initial data from Federal Ministry of Economy (SE) shows that the amount accumulated in the January to March period is nearly three times that reported in the same period in 2021, when the Puebla entity added 118.5 million dollars.

From the total flow to the first quarter, 83.2 million dollars corresponded to new investments, 398.9 million dollars to profit reinvestment and 128 million outflows for intercompany accounts.

Initial registered FDI in the first quarter of this year came from seven countries: the United States with 163.1 million dollars, Germany with 63.8 million dollars, Spain with 64.1 million dollars, France with 20 million dollars, the UK with 10.3 million dollars, Switzerland with 800 thousand dollars and Sweden with 500 thousand dollars.

Meanwhile outflows were recorded by Canada at -80.6 million dollars, Japan at -1.1 million dollars, and the Netherlands at -100 thousand dollars.

Through this way, Puebla is placed in the group of eleven states with the highest accumulation of FDI in the first quarter of this yearbehind only Mexico City, which added $7,973.2 million, Jalisco with $1,318.9 million, Nuevo León with $1,105.8 million, Tamaulipas with $881.2 million, Baja California with $839.6 million, the state Mexico with 797.6 million dollars, Chihuahua who added 774.4 million dollars. million dollars, Guanajuato with 638.8 million dollars, Veracruz with 571.5 million and Querétaro with 506.6 million dollars.

Even with this result, Puebla is 26.5 percent away from achieving investment levels in the same quarter of 2019that is, before the crisis represented by the coronavirus pandemic, when it amounted to 484.9 million dollars.

Manufacturing drives FDI in the first quarter

By sector, manufacturing represents 136.1 million dollars, that is, 38.4 percent of total FDI which took control of the state of Puebla in the first quarter of this year; followed by trading with 23.7 million dollars, power generation with 13.0 million dollars.


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