Queen Elizabeth II absent from official UK health events

“Regrettably”, Queen Elizabeth II, 95, He did not attend any official events in London this Sunday due to back pain, which revived British concerns about his health.

The Queen, who turned her back, decided this morning with great regret that she could not attend Memorial Sunday Service today at the Cenotaph,” Buckingham Palace said in a statement. “Your Majesty is disappointed to have missed the service”added the palace, a few hours before the event.

Buckingham had reported on Thursday that the king had “strong intentions” to participate in the ceremony, a tribute to war victims, having had to cancel their participation in events in recent weeks, on the recommendation of their doctors.

This will be his first public appearance since his brief hospitalization last month.But his doctors thought it would make no sense for him to travel by car or stand during the ceremony.

“It’s very sad for the queen because it’s the only event of the year that she really enjoys,” said monarchy expert Penny Junor. The public will be very sad and worried when they learn of the new setbackBut what is clear is that he has to follow the advice and recover,” Junor added.

The Queen simply missed the ceremony, which was attended by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and many politicians, on six other occasions during her long reign, either because she was traveling abroad or because she was pregnant with her two youngest children.

His son and heir to the throne, Prince Charles, who turns 73 this Sunday, lays a wreath in her mother’s name at the Cenotaph, a war memorial in central London, as she has been doing since 2017.

It was precisely from that date that Elizabeth II began to entrust some of her functions to other members of the Royal Family. Carlos was accompanied by his eldest son, Guillermo. Other members of the royal family were also present.

The state of the queen’s health worries England, But Prime Minister Boris Johnson tried to calm the population.

“I want to convince everyone, I saw the queen at our audience last week at Windsor and she was perfectly healthyJohnson said, responding to reporters’ questions at a press conference at COP26 on Sunday.

During a visit to the London borough of Brixton on Thursday, Prince Charles He answered a question about the state of his mother’s health: “It’s okay”, She says.

On October 20, Elizabeth II accepted “reluctantly” her doctor’s advice to rest for a few days. The day before, he had participated in a reception at Windsor Castle with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and American businessman Bill Gates.

Elizabeth II spent the next night in hospital, her first hospitalization since 2013, undergoing tests for which no details were given.

Information published by the press sparked doubts about his health, as well as criticism of the lack of transparency at Buckingham Palace. The doctor advised the queen to extend her rest and cancel her participation in various public events.

Because, Elizabeth II did not attend COP26, the world climate conference taking place in Glasgow. Princes Carlos and Guillermo represent the royal family. He also canceled a two-day trip to Northern Ireland.

Elizabeth II, whose husband, Prince Philip, died in April at the age of 99, was recently seen walking with a cane, a fact not seen since 2004.

But he was also seen driving his Jaguar, in the grounds of Windsor Castle, 40 kilometers from London, his current main residence, which convinced the British. Elizabeth II succeeded her father, King George VI, in 1952 and will turn 70 on the throne next year.


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