Queen Elizabeth II wrote an emotional letter to a girl disguised as herself on Halloween

Jalayne Sutherland is a girl only one year old, who lives in state of Ohio, United States of America, and it caught the attention of the nobles, after dress up like Queen Elizabeth II on the last Halloween of 2021.

It’s his mother Katelyn Sutherland, who took several photos of him appearing dressed as the king of England with his corgis, which he later sent to Buckingham Palace, along with a letter he never imagined would reach Queen Elizabeth II.

Based on mother of Jalayne Sutherland, in an interview with middle mirror, confessed the reasons she disguised her little daughter as Queen Elizabeth II:

“The biggest inspiration for the outfit was the fact that our dog is our daughter’s best friend. We wanted to do something we could all fit together. We are absolutely fans of the royal family and we really admire how the queen walks by faith.”

Also, proud mother shared that during Halloween, her daughter costume is an environmental sensation:

“While we were walking around on Halloween, we received many, many compliments and comments, but my favorite reaction was when people would bow to him or do a royal salute and call him like ‘Your Majesty!’

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Girl disguised as Queen Elizabeth II.

What is in the letter from Queen Elizabeth II?

The letter that came for the little girl Jalayne Sutherland signed by the queen’s maid of honor Mary Anne Morrison and it says the following:

“The Queen would like you to write a letter and thank you for your letter and carefully attached photo. Her Majesty feels very good that you wrote to her, and Her Majesty is very pleased to see a photo of her daughter, Jalayne, in her beautiful dress.”

Moreover, in this case he sent Christmas card, both to the little girl and to her family in these words:

“Your Majesty wishes everyone a very festive Christmas, and I am attaching a little information about the royal pet, which Jalayne would like to have.”

Girl disguised as Queen Elizabeth II.

The letter is dated December 9, 2021, and sealed with Coat of arms of Windsor Castle. Proud mom shares the little girl’s photo Jalayne Sutherland with a letter in his hand.

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