R.Unido.- The Commons President supports deputies to be able to bring their babies to the bedroom


The President of the British House of Commons, Lindsay Hoyle, this Tuesday backed deputies to bring their babies to the camera, as long as their presence does not interfere with the session.

Under current rules, UK MPs can bring their children into the chamber to vote, but not when they participate in debates. A review of these regulations is currently underway, which will be updated, according to the Sky News chain.

Hoyle’s remarks, which has asked the House of Commons Procedure Committee to look into the matter, come after Labor MP Stella Creasy was reprimanded for bringing her three-month-old baby to plenary in November.

Following Hoyle’s request, Creasy emphasized that he was “pleased to hear” that the regulations were being reviewed. “I hope this means that some of these rules will be revised to mix parenting and politics,” he said.

The chairperson has referred to baby Creasy and has emphasized that he has been present at several of the debates he chaired. “And does it affect the debate? No. Is it a calm and peaceful baby? Of course. Is it disturbing? Not one bit. So I care? Absolutely not,” he said in a statement to the ‘Daily Telegraph’.

Creasy confirmed at the time that he was not aware of this prohibition and at least, it had not been implemented until now. On top of that, she explained that it wasn’t the first time she had gone out with her baby, she was breastfeeding, and before that she had done so with her eldest daughter.

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