R.United.- ‘Tories’ rule out new investigation into alleged “illegal” encounter at Johnson’s house


Members of Britain’s Conservative Party have set aside Monday to launch a new investigation into an alleged “illegal” gathering that will take place at the home of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, during the coronavirus lockdown. pandemic.

The meeting will not be taken into account during Sue Gray’s investigation into what is known as ‘Partygate’, the scandal surrounding parties and gatherings held on Downing Street at the most critical moment of the health crisis.

For those ‘stories’, a “very in-depth analysis” of what happened was done. The report by Gray indicated that the UK Executive committed a “leadership failure” and demanded that the “responsibility” be resolved within the Government, although Johnson has apologized but has defended the Executive’s work.

Now, Labor lawmakers have called for an investigation into a series of messages suggesting that Johnson and his wife, Carrie, met two friends at their home on the birthday of the UK ‘prime minister’ on 19 June 2020. On that date all outdoor gatherings were banned. .

This fact was not included in Gray’s report, as a senior government official pointed out in a statement to the newspaper ‘The Guardian’. For Labor, it all points to an attempt to “cover up” the actions of the prime minister, who already has to pay fines for violating health restrictions.

However, the Secretary of State for Digital Culture and Communication, Chris Philip, has indicated that “greater scrutiny is not needed, as it “has been thoroughly investigated for six months”, he confirmed.

Philip insisted that Gray and Scotland Yard speak to everyone involved and asked them to provide information during the investigation. “There have been two investigations and I think it only needs to be investigated again if something really important has happened that is not yet known,” he said.

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