Red card and big loss against Tottenham

(Tottenham – Arsenal 3-0) Martin degaard et al. could secure a coveted fourth place in the Premier League, but away against Tottenham everything that could go wrong could go wrong.

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Instead of securing fourth place, they have instead invited Tottenham into the fight for a match in next season’s Champions League. The reason is with two games remaining, now there is a difference of one point between the two teams.

– It’s hard, it flows a little and we don’t get anything for free. But we have finished this game and have to look forward, we have everything in our own hands and if we win two games we are in the top four, degaard summed up TV 2.

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta works even harder than the team captain.

– If I say what I think, I will be suspended for six months. “I don’t know how to lie, so I prefer not to say what I think,” Arteta told Sky Sports.

Spurs boss Conte hit back by saying he had heard Arteta complain a lot, and that he should focus more on football than the above complaints.

Here’s how:

21 minutes into the first half, Cedric went to Son from within his own 16 yards. The referee didn’t hesitate for a second, neither did Harry Kane from the penalty spot. 1-0 to the home team and the nightmare started.

Five minutes later, Rob Holding received a yellow card for being detained. Not yet unlucky. But when the same person, seven minutes later, slapped Son in the face, it was fatal. Arsenal players receive yellow orders and line up second.

– I ran into the room, but Rob broke the race, and whether the ball came or not, it was a dangerous duel for me. It was a clear yellow card,” Son told Sky Sports.

Then the camera caught a hip-degaard as something resigned and something uncertain staring into the air.

And the pain is getting worse for the guests. In a corner shortly after, Rodrigo Bentancur stunned the ball that turned into a further innovator. It got its way to the back post, and there Kane flew low and stabbed in 2-0.

There were no more goals before half-time, but soon after, the home side were back in the mood to score. In another attack, the ball ended with Kane almost getting a red card, but Gabriel managed to get the ball off him at the last second.

But none more so than Kane’s team-mate Son, who easily and safely slotted the ball into the net behind Aaron Ramsdale to make it 3-0.

– It’s always nice to win, but especially this derby, Son told Sky Sports.

Thus, the home team secured its biggest win against Arsenal since 2008.

Because even though Arsenal bounced back occasionally in the second half, and Degaard ten minutes from time had a shot from within 16 yards, it ended with all three points for Tottenham.

Thus, as mentioned, there is a one point difference between the two teams in the race for fourth place. Two games remaining for Arsenal and Tottenham.

Arsenal visit Newcastle on May 16 and host Everton at home in the league finals on May 22.

– Today’s match is history. Now Newcastle. This has been forgotten. It is out of our hands and we have to accept it. Now we have to make you see from the beginning. This hurts. But we have a good game on Monday, so we will try to beat them,” said Arteta of the Premier League sprint.

Tottenham, for their part, host relegation-threatened Burnley on May 15 and visit Norwich in the league finals.

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