Reheated: how long will it last before it’s dangerous

A ‘heated’ Christmas dinner after a few days can be bad for your health, experts say.

reheated‘, as the act of eating leftover food from Christmas and New Year’s Dinner Over the following days, this was probably one of the most popular traditions in the world. It can also be one of the riskiest, as not all foods can support being stored and reheated to exhaustion.

In fact, most of the dishes served during holidays can be harmful to health after 3 days of preparation. Here is everything we know about him.

How long does reheating last before it gets dangerous?

Several years ago, scientists from Coventry Universitas University in England they publish preferred consumption guide for some Christmas and New Year’s classic food. There they came to the conclusion that edible shelf life of reheated only three days.

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However, the period varies according to the dish being analyzed. For example he Turkey can be consumed during the following: his last two cooking days. Although the dish refused to be reheated a few more times, it was found that the bacteria that caused the decomposition began to retain heat from the third visit to the oven. For its part, contents just hold on three days, even if it’s frozen.

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That Salmon, that smoked meat and Pork they also have a maximum feeding cycle three days. That Some kind of spaghetti stands out among Christmas meals because it doesn’t represent a risk until fifth day after preparation. It should be noted that if these dishes are not cooked and stored in their original packaging, they can be keep cool for months.

How to freeze Christmas dinner leftovers so they don’t spoil?

One of the important points to consider when looking for save leftover New Year’s Eve dinner for a few more days does this have to be? freeze and not left out in the open at all times.

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Kitchen expert recommend Wait for the food to come to room temperature before storing in the refrigerator and keep in small portions.

Reheated: how long will it last before it's dangerous
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By the way, glass containers and airtight bags perfect for keeping food fresh and prevent the formation of viruses and bacteria detrimental to the body.

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