Rejection of electricity reform is ‘an act of betrayal against Mexico’: AMLO

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador described it as an “act of treason against Mexico” that opposition deputies halted electricity reform; He branded them as “sell-outs” and defenders of foreign companies dedicated to stealing.

At a press conference, he pointed out that these deputies support the “looters”, though he said that was not strange because this has happened at other times.

“Yesterday’s act of treason by Mexico was perpetrated by a group of legislators who, instead of defending the interests of the people, the nation, defended what was public, became blatant defenders of the foreign companies they stole,” he said. .

This Sunday evening, in the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies, the president’s electricity reform initiative project was rejected with 275 votes in favor and 223 against, which did not achieve the required majority.

Lee: “We’ve already protected ourselves in case of treason,” AMLO said before the possibility of his electrical reforms would not pass

Deputies for PAN, PRI, PRD and MC spoke out against the ruling, considering it a setback in the electricity problem.

The President pointed out that it is shameful to see the PRI act as a “Palero” from PAN.

He pointed out that the outcome of the vote could be avoided and assured that “they buy legislators”, as in the 2013 energy reforms. He stated that this was not a setback for his government. “This is a victory for democracy,” he said.

Asking legislators to approve the Mining Act

President López Obrador assured that this “is not over, it has only just begun”, since yesterday the Mining Law initiative was sent, the main purpose of which is to make a law on lithium.

He urged deputies and senators to discuss and approve the Mining Act to nationalize lithium; He stressed that only a simple majority was required for the approval of this initiative.

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He explained, with the reform of the Mining Law, the granting of mining concession permits will continue and only lithium will be reserved, which will be managed directly by the State and there will be companies that use it.

“I’m calling the legislators, now it’s no longer two-thirds, it’s a simple majority and I’m also making a respectful call to the senators, because only a majority is needed, so that, if possible today or tomorrow, lithium is already protected and let’s start structuring the company. , like CFE, which will handle everything lithium-related,” he said.

The President gave an example of ways that must be continuously pursued to strengthen CFE, oil management, electricity and lithium industries; state that Morena candidate in 2024 You have to do it again.

“There are people who betray the country”: Sheinbaum

Mexico City’s head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, has also spoken out against electricity reform. He agreed with the president that rejecting him was a “treason” to the country.

“There are deputies who don’t think about the nation, who don’t think about Mexico’s future, who they think are transnational corporations, for their own benefit,” he told a news conference on Monday.

“And next time we vote, next time we decide where the country is going, that’s something we have to take into account, because some love the country and some betray the country,” the official said. insist.

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