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If you are tired of retirement, you may be interested in an offer that offers you to charge a certain amount of money to have a digital life similar to that of a teenager. Show the kids how to do it and put something in your wallet.

Retirement for some people is a break after a long period of work. They deserve it and they know it, but apparently not everyone is comfortable. Some pass the busiest times and are bored or go out of their way to save everyone’s apples.

They can feel useless or end up shutting down, which we don’t want to happen and neither does the company. They wonder if the life of a teenager can be suitable for parents and for that they hire them to do what their grandchildren would do.

We don’t talk about partying late or bottle-making, it’s something more digital. There are a number of tests that the volunteers ask for and then give feedback on.

The daily work that retirees ask to spend time together some of the most famous apps at the moment. They will be able to do it at any time of the day and thus their life will be less disturbed.

After making it, they have to express their opinion and rate the activity on a scale of 1 to 10. Here are the things you should do every day:

  • Spend an hour a day watching TikTok. You should also make three posts every day.
  • Share your food pictures on Instagram.
  • Watch episodes of Netflix shows. You will be given a choice of the most popular titles so you have many choices.
  • Play video games every day. For this, the company will provide consoles and games to volunteers such as Fortnite.
  • Create a Vlog (videoblog) where he tells every day how the experience was for him.

For doing all this, you will receive 500 pounds sterling, which in exchange is 588.50 euros, per month. You’ll also get the consoles and games they give you, not to mention a monthly subscription to Netflix will pay for it.

If you’re bored in retirement and want to try something new, you just need fill this form. The only downside is that you have to live in the UK, but if you are retired this is the perfect way to spend each day.

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