Ronaldo’s miracle saved United

  • Manchester United – Norwich 3-2 (2-1)

Manchester United started on a dream in the first half with two goals signed by Cristiano Ronaldo in the first half.

Norwich are still fighting, and with less than half an hour, the score is 2-2.

But the Portuguese goalkeeper did not say goodbye, and wanted a number 60 hat-trick in his club career.

THREE GOALS: There was a Cristiano Ronaldo show at Old Trafford on Saturday afternoon. Photo: AFP.
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Ronaldo scores goals

Already after seven minutes, Ronaldo is on the scoresheet at Old Trafford tonight. The Swedish Eagles were selfless and sent Ronaldo on an open goal instead of finishing himself.

Half an hour later, Telles sent a corner right which hit the Portuguese in the head. Ronaldo destroyed everything and everyone in the air, and went on to make it 2-0.

Massive riots outside Old Trafford

Massive riots outside Old Trafford

Take a cold shower together

But Norwich had no intention of giving up, scoring at Dowell just before the break. As such, there was serious life in the game before the final 45 minutes.

The visitors continued to be dangerous to attack after a change of side, and as the clock ticked on 52 minutes, the team had come so far. A miscalculation in United’s defense meant that Finland’s Pukki suddenly had to finish alone with De Gea. The striker made no mistake, and equalized.

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Hit back

But one shouldn’t cross United when Ronaldo is on the pitch. 15 minutes from the end, the Reds got a free-kick from 20 yards from goal to Norwich, and of course Ronaldo had to try.

The 37-year-old slammed and sent all of Old Trafford to heaven with his third goal of the day. It has to be said that Krul at home to Norwich may have saved the end.

HAT TRICK: Ronaldo saves United.  Photo: AFP.

HAT TRICK: Ronaldo saves United. Photo: AFP.
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There were no more goals, and United with Ronaldo in the lead took all three points. United now have just four points to move up to fourth in the table.

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