Russia and Ukraine: Reporters report in 6 different languages

AP reporter Philip Crowther narrates in six different languages ​​while covering the crisis between Russia and Ukraine. Journalists based in Kiev, Ukraine covering the conflict between two European countries multiple languages.

correspondence from Related press he talks about the crisis for six different channels where he has to put all his linguistics out of the way to speak the language: English, Luxembourgish, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German.

The video was quickly uploaded to social networks where it went viral for the reporter’s skill at changing languages ​​and dialects to narrate events in Ukraine and Russia.

Russia moves to eastern Ukraine

AP reporter reports conflict between Russian-backed rebels and Ukraine in the east Luhank and Donetsk.

Speaking in English, he noted that Kiev was relatively quiet. While Crowther is doing his coverage, Russia recognized the independence of Donetsky and Luhanks after sending troops to those places, claiming that the reason was to— “peacekeeper”.

Following this event, the EU, UK and US condemn the act and will announce severe punishment this Tuesday.

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