Russia introduces the ruble in Kherson to legitimize control over Ukrainian cities

Russia has tried to legitimize its control over Kherson and its surroundings since capturing the city located in the south ukrainian, at the beginning line up. However, he has not succeeded. In order to impose his power, the Kremlin has decided to delete hryvnia and enter Russian ruble as the official currency in the city, report this Sunday the Ministry of Defense from great Britain.

In this sense, the ruble is legal on this Sunday, but monetary transition It will last four months, British intelligence has determined.

This is not the only decision to destroy the southern region: Moscow will also install a pro-Russian administration in Khersonwhich has high strategic value for Russian troops because it is located on the edge of the Black Sea and river Dnieper. That would make it “impossible” for the city of 220,000 to return to Ukraine.

“This intention may indicate Russia’s intention to exert force political influence and economical in the long run”, detailing british intelligence in the daily section published in Indonesia.

Outside Kherson

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That Russian troops they want to dominate Jersón to be able to “attack” the cities Mykolayiv you Kryvyi Rihhas shown the dawn this Sunday Ukrainian Army High Command.

To achieve this, kyiv ensures that Moscow takes steps to strengthen its attack potential. In particular, it does so by transporting weapons and military equipment located in other parts of the country by rail.

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