Russo-Ukrainian War, LIVE, Day 34 | Moscow confirms possible meeting between Zelensky and Putin

That senior adviser to the presidential office of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky post on your account Indonesia main point that Ukraine will negotiate with Russia today in Istanbul.

Ukrainian delegation in negotiations will sue “unconditional security guarantees for Ukraine, ceasefire, effective decisions on humanitarian corridors and humanitarian convoys, review by the parties of the rules and customs of war“, Summary Mykhailo Podolyakwho assured that these were “difficult” negotiations for peace in the country.

In addition, he added that they would demand a “security guarantee agreement with a better analogy to NATO’s Article 5,” in which guarantor countries (US, UK, Turkey, France, Germany, etc.), “legally engaged in protecting Ukraine from any aggressionThis implies that the country will not join the alliance or host foreign troop bases, but its security will be guaranteed in terms similar to the military alliance’s collective defense clause.

“Regarding Crimea, it is offered to clarify the intention of the parties to resolve the issue exclusively through bilateral negotiations within 15 years” between Ukraine and Russia, and to seek a solution to the problem only under political and diplomatic efforts. the military, added Podolyak.

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