Ryding makes his palm debut in Kitzbhel . slalom

Madrid, Jan 22 (EFE).- After sixth in the first round, a second superb descent and error from his main rival gave England’s Dave Ryding his first win at the Ski World Cup in the prestigious Kitzbühel slalom (Austria), with a cumulative time of 1:41.26.

At 38 and 65 seconds, he was followed by Norwegian Lucas Braathen and Henrik Kristoffersen, a podium that was unimaginable after the early race results.

Both routes were disputed under heavy snowfall, the first ending in the best time of Italian Alex Vinatzer. With his 50.59, he was 0.08 ahead of Frenchman Clement Noel, who was in charge of clearing the slopes and who signed a very demanding time for the 67 skiers who would then start.

Between them, Quim Salarich and Juan del Campo of Spain, who came on at 2.12 and 3.81, at 32 and 44 and, therefore, are outside 30 with the right to play in the second half. Salarich was selected to attend the Beijing Olympics in this discipline.

In the second derivative, the departures of Norwegian Sebastian Foss-Solevaag, special world champion and who came to this test as the leader of the Slalom Cup, and Italian Giuliano Razzoli, 2018 Olympic champion, and thick errors of Noel and Vinatzer in the first part of their route gave victory to Ryding, who debuted his winning streak at the age of 35.

Foss-Solevaag lost the lead of general slalom in favor of Braathen (235 points, 180 points). Ryding earned fifteen positions at once and took fourth (160).

Switzerland’s Marco Odermatt continues to lead the World Cup with 1,120 points.

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