Schibsted becomes the largest owner of payments company Pej


Schibsted increased its holdings when payments company Pej received an additional 65 million Swedish kroner in the issue of shares.

Swedish SaaS companies provide digital self-service solutions to customers such as Breddos, Toma and Hard Rock Cafe. There are currently about 30 different ordering and payment services on the platform.

pejo now collects 65 million Swedish kroner (62.4 million Norwegian kroner) in the new edition. The capital will be used to invest in products and to expand beyond the Nordic region and the UK, it said in a press release.

Schibsted increased its stake in the issue and became the largest owner in Pej, after the company made its first investment in 2019. In addition, Polynom Investment in Malmö entered as the new owner.

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Business in the Nordic countries and the United Kingdom

Pej is currently found throughout the Nordic region and the United Kingdom, and has customers in industries such as restaurants, arenas and hotels.

In a short time, the company plans to launch a solution for trade in services, where customers get a better digital experience by pre-ordering and self-scanning. All solutions can be integrated with existing cash register systems or used as independent solutions.

– Our service is fundamentally changing the way we shop. Both queues and waiting times disappear, which benefits both companies and consumers. We are constantly working to improve and improve our offerings. With new strategic initiatives and partnerships, we will be able to deliver more value in more markets, said Pej founder and CEO, Victor Sandber.

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– Huge potential for continued expansion

– Since our first investment in Pej in 2019, the company has continued to show strong drive and growth. It has great potential for continued expansion. “We are looking forward to following and supporting Pej further in the exciting phase the company is now in,” said Kajsa Gatenbeck, investment manager at Schibsted.

– Schibsted on this journey provided us with valuable support in many ways. “I’m really looking forward to the continued collaboration and the opportunities it presents,” said Victor Sandberg.

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