Scientists create robots that are able to taste food and determine if it is properly seasoned

Although at first glance it looks simple, feel the taste of the food This is a complex process, due to various factors such as appearance, smell, texture and temperature. All of them affect to a greater or lesser extent the way our taste buds process taste.

Likewise, the saliva produced during chewing helps the taste receptors on the tongue to process chemical compounds in food. This action then generates a signal that is sent to the brain, which helps us determine the taste and based on that, establish criteria for whether it is pleasant or not.

However, there are tastes that can be pleasant to some and not to others, which adds an individual character to the sense of taste.

During the process of cooking food, the person, relying on his sense of taste, must balance the flavors of each ingredient to get a dish that is pleasing to the tongue and can be digested without problems.

There may be an assumption that all this is impossible to be artificially replicated by robots. However, the team from University of Cambridge in England led by Grzegorz Sochackiin collaboration with the tool manufacturer Beko, took on the task of making robot chef, who undergo a training process so that they can determine whether a food has the right spices; all this without chewing food and without using saliva.

To do this, the robot uses a method in which it can recreate the action crushing and moisturizing that occurs in the human mouth.

Once put into practice, researchers can verify how effective the technique is in helping robots quickly and accurately determine whether: salinity present in the dish or not right, so it ends up being much more effective than other technologies focused on this goal.

Thanks to the mechanics present in this revolutionary method, robot chefs can make a taste map after “tasting” nine variations of simple dishes scrambled eggs and tomatoes also taking into account the comments made by human tasters.

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