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By a wider margin than expected, Scotland opted to remain in England, promising to receive more competition. Scotland’s ‘No’ won 2,01,926 votes, versus 1,617,989 for ‘Yes’, with a record turnout of 84.59% of the 4.3 million registered voters.

The difference is bigger than any sign in the polls. It is believed that fear of the economic impact of the separation and the possibility of not being able to continue using the pound sterling affected the results. However, in Glasgow, Scotland’s most populous city, ‘Yes’ won by 54.5% compared to ‘No’ which reached 46.5%.

After the announcement of the first results, the Scottish prefect and independent leader, Alex Salmond, conceded the defeat. “It is important to say that our referendum was an agreed and consensual process, and Scotland has decided by majority that it will not currently be an independent nation“, he said.

British Prime Minister He assured that they would honor the commitment of a “new and fair deal for Scotland” which would be extended to Northern Ireland and Wales.

Cameron expressed his appreciation to those who worked for the ‘No’ campaign as well as to those who ‘Yes’. “I want to say to all those who voted for independence: ‘We listen to you'”.

“Now we have an opportunity – a huge opportunity – to change the way the UK is governed, and change it for the better,” Cameron said.

“Voters’ rights need to be respected, preserved and enhanced,” the prime minister said.

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Scotland will remain part of England after the victory of ‘No’ in the referendum held on Thursday 18 in the country. According to official results in 31 of the 32 districts surveyed, 55% of Scottish residents vote against independence from his country.

Despite the ‘Yes’ win in Glasgow, Scotland’s biggest city, the separatist option didn’t work and impossible to reach the union.

According to international bodies, participation in polls about 85% of the total voting population, an estimated 4.3 million people.

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A poll conducted after the independence referendum held today in Scotland revealed that 54% of voters against the separation of the country from England, while 46% support.

In a survey conducted by a British consultant, more than 1,800 people participated who were consulted after casting their vote. About 800 voters by mail they are also part of the survey.

The official election results for ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for Scottish independence will be announced at 6am on Friday 19.

Meanwhile, the Scottish tennis player Andy Murray, who previously supported the independence of his country, promise to keep playing for Great Britain despite his political leanings.

In a statement for , the Wimbledon winner said he had been following the Scottish independence debate in recent weeks, and just wanted to Make your feelings known about the subject.

However, he said that the election results they will not affect your “loyalty” to the England team in the next Davis Cup game against the United States.

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Polling tables closed at 9pm as specified, after 14 hours of election day.

Scottish tennis player Andy Murray announced his position on the referendum in his country and with a short message on Twitter expressed his support for ‘Yes’.

“Hagamoslo”, published athletes, who for the first time talked about this issue after several months of silence.

Popular consultation in which more than four million people participate it develops normally. Except for a few isolated incidents between voters of both tendencies, elections were held without setbacks.

The results will be announced on Friday morning (Five midnight).

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European Union (EU) and world leaders are closely following Scottish suffrage. “I hope England stay together”, write on it the president of the United States, Barack Obama, about the future of one of his main partners.

Independence leader Alex Salmond shared on his social network a photo next to an elderly Scottish woman with the following message: “Glad to meet this woman who He told me he had waited his whole life for this day.”

Original notes

Within hours of the referendum in Scotland to determine whether the country was independent from Britain, opponent gains a slight four to two point advantage on separation advocates, according to a recent poll.

The 4.3 million registered voters add up to 97% of people eligible to vote in a European country that could peak with 307 years of being part of a unitary state. Whatever the outcome of Thursday the 18th, Edinburgh will gain greater economic freedom, Britain’s three main parties have pledged.

Nationalists and Unionists took to the streets of Scotland today to Try to win the support of the undecided, which determines 5%. Analysts agree it is a difficult appointment to analyze as a higher turnout than previous elections in Scotland was expected.

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“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We meet tonight at night the most important day of Scottish democracy. We’re doing it to hold our breath for tomorrow, a day Scotland will never forget,” said leader Alex Salmond, head of the Scottish National Party (SNP).

In this regard, former British Labor Prime Minister Gordon Brown, from Scotland, is confident that the pro-British position will prevail. “We fought two World Wars together. There is no cemetery in Europe where a Scotsman, a Welshman, an Englishman and an Irishman do not lie side by side. When they fought, they never asked where they were from,” he recalled.

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According to Martin Boom, consulting director ICM, those who predict large equivalence may be wrong and believe that there is “hidden sound no” shy person to say. In Edinburgh, the conservative capital of Scotland, yes the poster dominates, but the position is different.

Voting will start at 7am and will end at 10pm, Scotland time, and The results will be known early on Friday 19. Scotland represents a third of the United Kingdom.

Analysts predict that sectors of society that normally do not participate will vote, like poorer suburban people. “All predictions show participation is above 80%,” said Mary Pitcaithly, the official who will announce the results.

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