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Great Britain David Brown Automotive is a British limited edition custom-built car manufacturer in Silverstone, UK, owned by a British entrepreneur David Brown. The company has now been founded to celebrate Marshall’s 60th birthday, a Mini Remastered Marshall Edition of which only 60 will be created. The car is designed to reflect the rich heritage of the iconic sound brand, and is endowed with a range of clever Marshall-themed design elements. They include bespoke Marshall DSL1 combo amplifier in the leather-covered trunk, a meaningfully upgraded in-car sound system – with dashboard-mounted tweeter speakers and additional door speakers – and even a charging point for the recently launched Marshall. ANC motif wireless headphones in the glove compartment.

There is also one Marshall Emberton portable Bluetooth speaker integrated in the trunk.

Aesthetically, having Mini Remastered Marshall Edition A bespoke black-and-gold color scheme, of course, with Marshall Black paint and gold-painted accents on the ceiling and door logos. The wheels also have the Marshall logo in the center, and the respective brake calipers are also painted gold.

Here are the photos uploaded by David Brown Automotive through his official Instagram account:

“We are proud to partner with Marshall Amplification,” series David BrownCEO of David Brown Automotive. “We were deeply influenced by music and collaborated with an iconic brand to create this very special Mini Remastered, and helping them celebrate 60 years in the business, an important milestone, was an opportunity we didn’t want to miss. ».

“It seemed appropriate to combine the classic Mini and Marshall – two British icons – and thereby add Mini, a favorite among all-time music stars, with serious rock and roll appeal. We are delighted with the resulting car » Jon ElleryCEO of MarshallAdd: “This project has created great excitement at Marshall. [The] Mini Remastered Marshall Edition is a truly stylish and apt way to celebrate our diamond anniversary, bringing together our iconic and proud British brand with a stunningly redesigned version of the iconic design, as the UK’s most beloved car; it’s the perfect match »

– Tips for other similar “custom-built” music related “theme” cars?

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