Senate Court technical secretary related to the process

A control judge connected José Manuel del Río Virgen, technical secretary of the Senate Political Coordination Council (Jucopo), to the court for his alleged participation in the crime of qualifying involuntary manslaughter.

Attorney Jorge Reyes Peralta said Millennium that del Río Virgen was given one year of informal preventive detention.

On December 22, Veracruz authorities arrested del Río Virgen. The Veracruz prosecutor’s office detailed that the murder was carried out on June 4, against a victim identified as “RT T”, referring to René Tovar Tovar, a former Citizens Movement candidate for mayor of Cazones.

“A terrible injustice has just been done against José Manuel del Río Virgen. We will go to the final consequences ”, warned the representative of the Citizens’ Movement, Jorge lvarez Máynez, after hearing the judge’s decision.

The coordinator of Movimiento Ciudadano’s parliamentary group in the Republican Senate, Clemente Castaneda, said that lthe cruelty and abuse of the powers of the governor of Veracruz, Cuitláhuac García, continued with connection to José Manuel del Río . process, “Without tests and with all anomalies”.

“We will go as far as we can to end arbitrariness and injustice,” he wrote.

Prior to being secretary of Jucopo, del Río Virgen was president of the municipality of Tecolutla, Veracruz, and a federal deputy on two occasions.

Following the arrest of Jucopo’s technical secretary, Senator Ricardo Monreal issued a message in which he condemned the events, which he described as “an act of barbarism and a violation of human rights.”

For the coordinator of Morena’s seat in the Senate, the arrests were an example of “what happens when justice is politicized.”

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