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The proposal was detailed by Senator Francisco Chahuán. What is this about? “To the Minister of Housing, his successor, to the Minister of Social Development, his successor,” he explained.

On Monday, following a meeting of the political commission, Renovación Nacional (RN) announced that they hope to install in Chile the figure Shadow cabinet.

In particular, the proposal was detailed by Senator Francisco Chahuán.

“We have also launched an idea for shadow ministry, alternately for each minister appointed by President Boric while he was in office”, the legislator began.

“We will have opposing sector and party leaders. For the Minister of Housing, alternative; for Social Development, is an alternative”, he explained.

“So in each ministry has adequate control, the possibility of producing an agreement and the search for proposals that succeed in luring Chile,” added Chahuán.

In his speech, Chahuán said that they hoped to meet the presidential-elect team between the second and third week of January.

The senator assured that they discussed it with Izkia Siches, the deputy’s former campaign manager.

Chahuán also emphasized that after March 11, when his sector left the ruling party, they will try to be the “fair” opposition.

“If it implies dialogue to move forward with better health, retirement for all Chileans, we are not lost, that’s the way.”

Shadow cabinet?

If we look at the British political system, in Palace of Westminster there is the figure of the “shadow cabinet.”

What is this about?

Since the mid-nineteenth century, whoever is in the opposition has appointed a group of MPs to take over certain areas.

So, as is the case every Wednesday opposition leaders question the prime minister live – a televised interaction – the sector has a responsible person to do the same with portfolio heads if necessary.

Furthermore, as in Britain which can hold elections without following a set schedule, the leader of the opposition has the opportunity to give the impression that he has a cabinet ready if the nation goes to the polls.

Hand in hand with its colonial past, Britain’s system of government, laws and justice was adopted in different parts of the planet.

With this way, Australian Parliament acknowledges the existence of the “shadow cabinet” and explains that it has three tasks: regulates opposition tactics, promotes its position as an alternative government and provides “training” for ministerial candidates.

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