she is worried about her health because of her swollen hands

That Prince Carlos dominated the courtyard half the world after his meeting with Queen Letizia, who travels to England on Tuesday to attend, along with the heir to the British throne, a cultural event. In particular, they jointly inaugurate Spanish GalleryBritain’s first gallery dedicated to Spanish art, history and culture.

After that, and after the event was over, Isabel II’s son was in Cumbria region to sponsor the 50th anniversary of Tebay Services.

And what attracted attention from his presence at this last event was his handsWhat strangely they are swollen and red. Those present also testified that the swelling also extended to the foot from the Prince. All of this deeply worries the British people and half the world.

Prince Charles, with swollen hands
Prince Charles, with swollen hands
Prince Charles, with swollen hands

This isn’t the first time Prince Charles has appeared with swollen limbs

Neither the British Royal Household nor anyone close to Prince Charles explains this strange condition that has attracted so much attention. However, doesn’t seem seriouswell This is not the first time the heir has shown his swollen hands and feet.

What happened to Prince Charles was actually quite common, and can be caused by many factors, such as high temperature or inactivity over a long period of time, which causes the extremities to swell due to the accumulation of body fluids.

This, actually, what it happened to the heir last year after the flight where he was motionless, as it seemed, for a long time. When he got off the plane, he himself said that he had «sausage finger», refers, with humor, to what swells in the way.

Prince Charles, with swollen hands
Prince Charles, with swollen hands

Therefore, there is nothing to worry about. At least not for this.

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