Sheikh Mansour, closely monitored by the British Government

  • Sheikh Mansour meets with Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria

  • The British government did not take the meeting well and they monitored Mansour

  • Syria is an ally of Russia and Putin

That British Government adopted careful action against Russian tycoons and possible allies on their territory, limiting their business and the profits made from them. Billionaire owners of English Premier League clubs do not want to lose and football is fully involved in the conflict.

As was the case with the Chelsea owners, Roman Abramovichwhere heavy sanctions were imposed on him and the club, England executives are now following in the club’s owner’s footsteps. Manchester City, Sheikh Mansourwho last week met with the Syrian president and Putin’s allies, Bashar al-Assad.

Premier sacks Abramovich and limits Chelsea trip to 24,000 euros

Who is Sheikh Mansur?

Sheikh Mansour is the owner Manchester City and the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates. Manchester City and the tycoon, respectively, are the Premier League’s top-money clubs and presidents. With his arrival at the English club, Mansour has invested around £1.3 billion in the city. This includes the leadership of the City Football Group, which includes not only Manchester City but also Melbourne City CF and New York City CF. With regards to Spanish football, he has investments in Girona. His personal wealth will range between 25 billion pounds.

the sheikh has mubadala and president IPIC fondo (International Oil Investment Company), which controls 100% of a company of Cepsa.

Why is the British Government following it so closely?

As happened with Roman AbramovichThe ‘big shot’ of British football which may be linked to Putin or his allies, is being closely watched by the British Government after it decided to impose heavy sanctions against them and their business in England.

Sheikh Mansour met last week with the president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, in a climate of general tension resulting from the conflicts in Russia and Ukraine. They had not seen each other for eleven years. Syria is one of the countries allied with Putin and Russia. The British press described the meeting as violation of peace with the Syrian regime and the restoration of positions between the dangerous trident.

“The UK firmly believes that because there has been no substantive change in the behavior of the Syrian regime, a closer relationship with its leadership undermines the prospects for a lasting and inclusive peace in Syria,” the UK Foreign Office said in a statement. in Athletics.

Syria is one of the countries listed opposite before a United Nations Organization resolution condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukrainian territory. In addition, the Al-Assad regime has claimed lives 380,000 people in the civil war started in 2011 by protests against the government.

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