Shine in business, wish Lupita Núñez

He has been reocring major greens in the southeast, state and several in the United States for four years.

At the age of only 11 years old, Lupita Núñez is well known in the golf world and has carved out several goals, such as becoming a champion in several regional, national and international golf tournaments.

Apart from shining in golf, Lupita Núñez dedicates herself to her schoolwork, which she has done so well that she has become one of the best in her class.

He loves reading, math, he’s also studying golf, and wants for January 6th, a book on business intelligence and what will help him to continue to have success in golf and good health during this year and years to come.

His father, Jesús Núñez, who played golf sporadically at Club Campestre, was practically his little Guadalupe Nazareth guide Núñez Velásquez, because by accompanying him several times in tournaments held in Villahermosa, he came to like Lupita for this. exciting sport.


When she was 7 years old, Lupita Núñez received her first set of golf clubs from the king and with them she began to enter the world of golf and began to write her own history on the course.

This changed her life little by little, until ranking among the best in the 10 year category, apart from reaping national and international victories and that is what she is asking today, to continue to be the 10 year queen and add more wins in the tournaments she attends.


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