Shot against Rosenborg before the season – followed up with a dream goal against Tromsø

(Rosenborg – Troms 3-0) In extra time, Pawel Chrupalla (19) defended with a pearl goal against Troms. It felt good to the youngster, who before the season massacred his old coach and sporting leader at Rosenborg.

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Rosenborg won their third home game in a row in a 3-0 win against Troms. In extra time, they received a free kick in the corner of the box, and when it went in, Chrupalla replaced it. In a beautiful way, he deflected a shot on to the crossbar.

– We know he’s got great feet. Markus (Henriksen) and André (Hansen) ran and said “let Pawel shoot”, and then we made that decision. “A fantastic goal, and fun for a young boy,” Kjetil Rekdal told Discovery after the game.

– I was asked to take a free kick. I would have asked, but I was asked to take it,” Chrupalla happily told Discovery after the game.

RAW SCORE: Pawel Chrupalla delivers a superb score in extra time.

The Poles were far from cheerful before this year’s season. Then he had a fierce fight with former Rosenborg coach ge Hareide.

– I have to say that he is the worst coach I have ever had. Even though I haven’t played football that long, it’s the worst coach I’ve had so far. There was a lot of praise in the beginning, and it looks promising. I do my best in every practice, but in the end no matter what I do, it doesn’t help, he added Nidaros.

Nidaros relayed the criticism to Hareide. He replied to the following text: “I have no comment on that”.

Rosenborg’s sporting director, Mikael Dorsin, also had a smooth team.

– It’s hard when you feel that someone in the club is against you, because there are two people who don’t really support me. Dorsin is one of those who didn’t help or support me much last year. I also received some bad comments from him and ge. “I hope for a better 2022,” said Chrupalla.

– Pawel should try with the first team for a longer time. But in the end I have to be honest with him and say that back then he was not good enough to compete in the first team. It’s hard for a boy to hear, but sometimes you get loud messages in top football, Dorsin wrote in reply to Nidaros.

But after today’s game, Chrupalla seems more optimistic about his own future at the Rosenborg team.

– It’s great, I’ve been working on it. It’s a fantastic feeling I want to build on,” Chrupalla told Discovery after the game.

And that’s what they did, at least for the first few minutes. The match gradually became a bit more even, before Rosenborg again took over. It still took almost 38 minutes before they came to a boil. After several back and forth, Victor Jensen was able to score his first goal for Rosenborg.

DOMINATION: Erlend Dahl Reitan scored his first goal of the season. Rosenborg have really done well at Lerkendal this season.

Olaus Skarsem then hit a fine free-kick at the back post, and there Erlend Dahl Reitan easily headed 2-0, and his first score of the season.

– It means a lot. “There was a little nagging from the coach that I had to score soon, so that was good,” Reitan told Discovery after the game.

In the second half, not many chances were created at either end, but in extra time the crowd who attended really got value for money. Pawel Chrupalla pulled a free-kick on the edge of the box and deflected it into the far corner.

CELEBRATE: Pawel Chrupalla and the rest of Rosenborg’s players get to celebrate the three points against Troms.

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