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Kjell Terje Ringdal was impressed by Volodymyr Zelenskyj’s speech at Storting.


– He took all of Europe and weaved it into the history and reality of Ukraine to secure the country’s arms, economic and political support, said Kjell Terje Ringdal, senior lecturer in rhetoric at Kristena University College.

He referred to how Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj in his speech at Storting referred to the history and shared values ​​between Ukraine and Europe.

– Fun idea to use May 17th to make identification. By talking about children’s trains, which in turn remind us of values ​​like democracy and freedom, he hits us gently. His use of identification unites us.

Rhetoric expert: Kjell Terje Ringdal

One of Zelenskyj’s main actions speaking out is precisely to build bridges between himself and the people he talks to, Ringdal points out.

As in his speech to America where he stated “The pain you felt during Pearl Harbor – we know the pain now.”

He asked Germany for “help to break down the wall between freedom and slavery.”

For England, he evokes memories of Churchill, who led England through the war years.

In his address to the Danish Parliament, he made an urgent prayer for the allied countries.

– Including situations that are known to create communication and closeness between the parties, Ringdal reminded.

In his address to the Storting, which was met with a standing ovation, he mentioned the first Ukrainian soldiers to enter Kirkenes during World War II, the border with Russia that both countries shared, and the Scandinavian Vikings who played a role during its founding. from the first Kyiv -ricket.

Modern head of state

Ringdal characterized Zelinskyj as a fantastic and modern head of state. As a speaker, he’s reminiscent of a mix of Churchill, Clinton and Reagan, Ringdal believes. What he has in common is closeness to the person he is talking to.

– He is well structured, has a simple language with a clear message. We need help, we need money, we need weapons. He knows exactly where he is going with his linguistic appeal and uses warm and close language.

– Symbolically, he blends in with his people where he sits in a t-shirt, stands out in the street or sits in an office that anyone can have. There was a man of the people talking to his brothers.

Credibility is an important rhetorical tool. Here, Ringdal Zelenskyj gave the full score.

– In this speech he is low and intense. He spoke of the tragedy of a war in the country he was in. He doesn’t take grief too far – perhaps because he knows we, his audience, understand seriousness. The style of speech is neutral, while the content is dramatic.

Støre is considering more arms aid after Zelnskyj’s speech.

Ringdal was impressed by the media war being completely controlled by the president.

– A technique that allows him to gain alliances both now and in the future, he takes full advantage of. In each speech, he came up with a specific wish list. About guns, sanctions, business. We now hear that he is becoming more and more concerned with the reconstruction of the country.

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