Six athletes will represent Cuba in Belgrade

With the close, on March 7th, the qualifying period for Indoor World Championships in Athleticsparticipant list has taken definition.

Cuba will come with six athletes for the disputed bout in Belgrade between the 18th, 19th and 20th of this month, led by Tokyo 2020 Olympics bronze medalist, Maykel Massó.

The team also includes triple jumpers Liadagmis Povea, Leyanis Pérez and Lázaro Martínez, runner Roxana Gómez and pole vaulter Yarisley Silva, the latest additions to the Greek golfer’s absence. Nicoleta Kyriakopulu due to an injury that changed the direction of his preparations.

Luis Zayas did not score because of the famous rankings of World Athletics which do not fully support the athletes with the best sporting results, but rather value the combination of factors in which the category of competition in which they are achieved is decisive.

A similar fate befell Lester Lescay, although in the long jump the number of athletes with the required value, 8.22m, is 17 and exceeds the approved entry for the event, which is 16. Lescay hit 8.01m, his best jump of the season in Belgrade a few days ago. ago, but this kept him away from the position of access to the World Cup where the guarantee of his existence was, of course, by skipping the necessary mark. By the way, the athlete has decided to break away from our island sports system by leaving the team concentration after returning from the aforementioned competitions.

Chances?: small review

According to the results at the start of the season, the best options are concentrated in the triple jump, with Lázaro Martínez standing out, who could climb to the podium if he stays in the neighborhood of the record he has made over 17 meters.

For Lázaro 2022 it has been a sweet season, revival and reunion with the best version of himself, where, on the podium in the Serbian capital requires a sense of dedication to his career. He will have fierce rivals, led by former team-mate Pedro Pichardo, who was confirmed a few minutes ago by the Portuguese Athletics Federation, and although he has barely competed this winter (only 16.57), he is favorite for the title.

Martínez is one of the globally lauded Cuban talents. At the age of 17, he became a phenomenon and patented his all-time class in the lower category, accrediting the title at the 2013 U18 World Cup, as well as at the 2014 and 2016 youth events. By then, at the age of 17, he was already He exhibited a personal brand 17.24m , which he optimized in 2018, with 17.28 meters representing his current peak.

Panorama on the female gender is somewhat different. Yulimar Rojas is still on his boundless journey and his figure is invincible. Cuba’s Povea and Pérez have the resources to fight for the remaining spots on the podium, although they were called upon to put on their best face in front of Olympic medalists Ana Peleteiro, Patricia Mamona and co.

If we’re objective, Leyanis looks better than Liadagmis lately, although this could be influenced by the fact that the latter’s prep course is definitely different, as she knows her presence is guaranteed due to the Wild Cards she’s given. federation as part of the winners of the 2021 World Indoor Tour.

After all, both are athletes with tangible results with whom they can aspire to honorary titles. We will also look at Belgrade, with incentives to observe the nuances of the competitive performance in the first major international competition from Leyanis Pérez which, as I have said and said again, excites and fascinates.

Maikel Massó will get to know his rivals, JuVaughn Harrison, Thobias Montler or Miltiadis Tentoglou who have shown that his stability and competitiveness make him the man to beat. Cuba arrives with just one competition under its belt, 7.80m from the Metz Meeting and it is clear that she will have to be the Maykel we remember from last year to be champion for the respect earned when an Olympic medal backs an athlete’s record.

Roxana Gómez, a private brand 52.60 seconds, has developed this new experience. This is the first time he has competed indoors and according to his coach Ricardo Molina, they have taken the opportunity to work on the first part of the race and support the special work being done for indoor racing, the technical aspects of which will be decisive. for the future, to the World Cup in Eugene, which is the main goal this season.

“He is in enviable physical condition and has greatly improved his technique. Every day he is a more complete athlete. We will see a different Roxana Gómez” – he predicted.

As far as Yarisley Silva is concerned, we return to the point we made when we analyzed his presence in Tokyo, and that signing up for Belgrade is another win. He is the living history of these events on our island and everything he does can only lift him up a bit.

In the test registrations there will be important absences, Anzhelika Sidorova being the most counterproductive, but there will be no shortage of contemporary hierarchical athletes like Sandi Morris, Katie Nageotte or Tina Sutej from Slovenia, who have taken over the headlines in Europe raising herself to breaking national records with a record His personal best was recently 4.80m. For this event, World Athletics has asked for 4.75m to get a live passport and with what has been seen, access to the podium would probably be quoted at that height. We will see later.

In general, the Cuban team once again showed an exponential majority in the specialty in which we are strongest: jumping. The feature-length release, another strength of the current team, has no place in the competition taking place in this winter setting. This group is here with the aim of putting on the best show.

“The fundamental goal is to achieve positive placement, become a finalist to increase the Cuban Federation quota for the next championship” – certified Daniel Osorio Díaz, Chief Technical Officer of the National Commission, in a conversation via Messenger with this editor.

The Belgrade World Championships will be held at the Stark Arena, a stage with 48,000㎡ and a capacity for over 18 thousand spectators. The Cuban debut will be led by Roxana Gómez, as she competes on Friday the 18th in the women’s 400m preliminary round. A few minutes later, Lázaro Martínez will be out to compete in the men’s double jump final, while Masso will be looking for a podium in the second competition session of the same day.

Among the biggest teams released to date is the England team that will field 40 athletes, including stars Johnson-Thompson, Kelly Hodgkinson and Andrew Pozzi. Spain arrived with 26 soldiers and Jamaica announced 16 athletes with a majority of women and names at the level of Danielle Williams, Brianna Williams, Shericka Jackson and shot putter Danniel Thomas-Dodd.

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