Solbakken scores own goal in front of dad – becomes the scapegoat against HamKam

STAVANGER (VG) (Vikings – HamThurs 1-1) Vikings player Markus Solbakken (21) was born in Hamar. With father and HamKam Ståle supporter in the stands, the 21-year-old was unlucky and screwed the ball in his own net.

OWN GOAL: Here the HamKam players celebrate with the fans after Solbakken’s own goal.

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– It’s a pole that came hard, which got me hard on the feet and into my own net. It sure feels heavy. We should have got the three points today. “At the moment it’s hard to see that we only have one point,” Markus Solbakken told VG.

Then it looked even brighter for the Vikings when Niklas Sandberg ran grinning in the rain at Stavanger after giving them a fine start ten minutes into the game.

Rogalendingen has rarely been first choice following a transfer from Haugesund, but seized the opportunity with both hands against HamKam. Veton Berisha played elegantly through defense and hit the ball blindly in front of goal. There Sandberg came in and slid in his first Viking goal.

Minutes later, it only hurt more for HamKam – and Julian Dunn was no exception. The midfielder should only have stifled the Viking clearance, but ended up knocking the kneecap out of position. Berisha immediately called the doctors, who eventually carried Dunn off the field on a stretcher.

– I will come back stronger, says the HamKam player TV 2.

– That was really terrible. I saw his kneecap lifted and there was a hole there. Very disgusting, and very unfortunate to see. Even if it’s an opponent, you feel someone who has an injury like that, Berisha told VG.

– I don’t understand the situation, but I see people that this is not fun. We can be true friends together, HamKam profile Kristian Eriksen told VG.

– I would be very surprised if he played football in the near future, HamKam coach Jakob Michelsen told VG.

HamKam came close to equalizing through Kristian Eriksen’s volley and Jonas Enkerud’s header, which the striker said had to do. However, the Vikings are by far the most dominant team.

Both Yann-Erik de Lanlay and Berisha created great chances alone against the goalkeeper, and it was almost unbelievable that there were no more goals before half-time.

After switching sides, Berisha asked for a penalty. The striker circled goalkeeper Nicholas Hagen but fell to the ground in the same duel. The Viking striker was angry at the referee for not blowing, but the match leader argued that there was no contact between the players.

– It’s great that there won’t be any penalties, Berisha told Discovery + – and believes that many of the judges’ mistakes should be reviewed more clearly.

To VG, Berisha explained what happened in the situation:

– I felt like I took the ball past, and then the goalkeeper rushed at me and I just had to jump so as not to get caught and hurt. “I don’t think there was contact, but enough that there should be punishment in my eyes,” said Berisha.

– We may feel cheated because of the punishment. Veton goes around the keeper, and he doesn’t tend to go down like that. “To us, it looked like a penalty, but the referee made a different judgment,” Vikings coach Bjarte Lunde Aarsheim told VG.

PUNISHMENT NEEDS: Veton Berisha (left) protests against Judge Marius Lien. In the background is Markus Solbakken, who then scores an own goal.

The Vikings were stung for squandering a chance when Markus Solbakken screwed the ball into his own net. The former HamKam man, with father Ståle in the stands, latched onto the post from Hasan Kurucay and it was suddenly 1-1.

Solbakken looked utterly distraught, without fully understanding how the ball ended up behind Patrik Gunnarsson.

– Of course sour, but we definitely have to move forward with the big chances we had today. “Markus had a good game today, so nothing to think about,” said Aarsheim.

The match had faltered back and forth throughout the second half. Enkerud got another big chance to decide the match, and at the opposite end, the home side were whipped forward by the fans. However, Solbakken’s own goal became the last goal of the game.

A big blow to the gold-chasing Vikings, who do lead the standings by a point above LSK, but with two games to play. Lillestrm meets Vlerenga at 20 tonight.

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