Somali Prime Minister Warns of “Disappointing” Presidential Decision to “Suspend” Again

‘Farmajo’ rationale is “obvious”: “Disrupting the electoral process and prolonging the illegal control of the Presidency”

The international community calls for “moderation and dialogue” and calls for an “urgent” meeting of the National Advisory Council


Somalia’s Prime Minister, Mohamed Husein Roble, warned Monday of the “reckless” decision of the president, Mohamed Abdulahi Mohamed, who has decided to “suspend” his power again after accusing him of incompetence when planning the electoral process leading up to the general election. important presidential election that will try to end years of political crisis in the African country.

In this context, Roble has criticized in a statement that the president, known as ‘Farmajo’, had “broke into” his office this Monday “using violent military means with the aim of interfering with the operation of the Council of Ministers against his country’s duties”.

“His motives are clear: to disrupt the electoral process and prolong his illegal control of the Presidency, as he attempted to do in April 2021, which caused a violent political crisis in the capital,” he reproached, to show that, “taking into account the serious risks associated with the former president’s determination (referring to ‘Farmajo’) to dismantle government institutions “and” in the absence of a legal and legal mandate to lead the country, “has ensured that the Federal Government” will fulfill its constitutional mandate”.

Roble insisted that the government “is accountable to the Somali people for all government functions, guiding policies and managing national tasks.”

On the other hand, he assured that the Government will work so that ‘Farmajo’, who is a presidential candidate, “does not receive different treatment from other presidential candidates.” “His repeated violations of the powers conferred on him by the Constitution and resolutions to violate the Armed Forces in his candidacy for President have demonstrated a clear conflict of interest, which undermines the functioning of the Government and national security,” he has tarnished his image. in the text.

Referring to the Armed Forces, he has indicated they have “instructions to report directly to the Government” under his direction. “Anyone who goes against this directive will soon face the full legal burden,” the prime minister warned.

“Once again, I reaffirm my commitment and determination to the Somali people in holding free and fair elections that will lead to the peaceful transfer of power and also end the current political deadlock caused by the previous president,” he pledged, finally, Oak.


Following the announcement of ‘Farmajo’, the international community also referred to the suspension of the prime minister’s powers to ask Somali leaders to put “the interests of the state first, reduce escalating political tensions and refrain from provoking or using force that could undermine peace and stability.”

African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), Belgium, Canada, Egypt, Ethiopia, European Union (EU), Finland, France, Germany, Intergovernmental Authority for Development (IGAD), Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Netherlands, Norway, Sudan , Sweden, Uganda, Britain, the United States and the United Nations have been “deeply concerned” by the current situation.

“International partners have repeatedly expressed growing concern about procedural irregularities and delays in Somalia’s electoral process. It is imperative that the 17 September 2020 and 27 May 2021 agreements, which are the basis of the elections, be implemented immediately without further disruption or interruption,” they pointed out in a statement shared by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM).

In addition, they have called for a meeting of the National Advisory Council to be held “immediately”, along with others consulting among key stakeholders to “speed up and improve the process and bring the election to a speedy and credible conclusion, which enjoys the confidence of the Somali people”.


The presidency has indicated in a statement that the prime minister will “pressure” the Ministry of Defense to “redirect” corruption investigations related to public land owned by the Army and has criticized recent changes in the head of the Defense portfolio.

Therefore, he challenged Roble’s decision to send the Minister of Defense, Hasan Hussein Hayi, to the head of Justice, while the Minister of Justice has hitherto been appointed to the post of Hussein Hayi. The president has stressed that these changes have taken place “without the investigation into his interference having been completed.”

Minutes later, the president had published a second statement on the “freezing” of the post of Navy Chief, Abdihamid Mohamed Dirir, who last week denounced embezzlement around the land, a decision which, he said, “entered in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Somali Army.” “

The announcement of Roble’s suspension came after Somalia’s prime minister and president held a new row this Sunday, accusing each other of delaying the country’s ongoing parliamentary elections. The two have had several public clashes in recent months.

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