Sony pulls PS Now cards from stores in UK Is a new service coming?


It has been rumored for some time that Sony has been working to design a new service that combines the benefits of PS Plus you PS Now into one, a project that Bloomberg notes will be called Spartacus and it looks like it will be announced and launched soon due to leaked instructions in UK stores.

Already through the portal VGC that we found it Sony will instruct different retailers in the UK to remove credit cards from their shelves PS NowAccording to the leaked instructions, this will be related to an upcoming announcement that will be made this month.

Stores will have until business closes on January 19 to remove cards from all shelves and replace slots with the announcement of an upcoming commercial update taking place this week.

As we can see in the instructions given to certain retail stores in the UK, shelves must be emptied by January 19, announcing that there will be some sort of commercial renovation by Sony and that various insiders and media are hoping that it will be about the famous. serve Spartacus.

With regards to this new service, it is believed that it will have 3 payment tiers, the first of which will obviously offer the benefits it already offers. PS Plus for its subscribers, the latter will have, in addition to the previous benefits, access to an extensive catalog of games, such as those offered today at PS Now, and the third one will have the added benefit of the possibility of accessing the early Demo and classic game library from Playstation.

We’ll have to pay attention to the week of January 19, 2022 and see what Sony has been prepared for the players.

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