Sony removes PlayStation Now card from store in lieu of Game Pass

A future merger between Plus and Now will leave us with a new subscription service for the PS5.

Last December, we learned from reliable information that Sony is preparing new subscription service in order to compete directly with Xbox Game Pass. Under the codename ‘Spartacus’, it will combine the two main services PlayStation currently has: PS Plus, which allows online play and offers monthly games, and PS Now, whose biggest strength is cloud gaming.

In England they have to withdraw it next weekFrom VentureBeat they echo something that has happened recently and will point in this direction. It is Sony’s decision to remove playstation now card from store in the United Kingdom, that is, cards that are physically sold and allow you to subscribe to the service for several months after redemption. These guidelines have been made known thanks to receiving emails whose contents have been shared with these media:

“Store has until the end of the day, Wednesday, January 19, to remove all POS and ESD cards from all customer-facing areas,” reads a message from email they received at the GAME store in the UK, notifying them of this week’s “new commercial update”.

This fact will be one of Sony’s first steps towards its new subscription, gradually removing the presence of PlayStation Now from stores, aiming to be fully integrated into the service we should know about this year. Right now, we know that they have planned three different levels, with the former retaining the benefits of Plus, the latter combining the PS4 and PS5 catalogs, and the most expensive adding the classic catalog from the first PlayStation console.

Waiting to learn more about that and if the decision reaches other countries like Spain, actually Sony should take action on this issue with its strategy with the PlayStation 5. lack of new generation console incurring constant headaches for the company, which will lead to the decision to continue producing more PlayStation 4s during 2022 to reduce commercial pressure on the new machines.

It’s very simple: PlayStation, PlayStation Now, PlayStation Plus, Sony, PS5, PS Plus and PS Now.

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