Spain is the tenth country with the greatest potential to attract talent, according to Mercer


Spain ranks tenth as the country with the greatest potential to attract talent, thanks to its medical and healthcare services, public services and transportation, and high-quality consumer goods at competitive prices.

This is revealed by a report by professional services firm Mercer, which has studied 231 cities in 20 countries, selected for their quality of life and high competitiveness.

Thus, Spain is in tenth place behind New Zealand, England, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, Switzerland, United States and Uruguay.

The report highlights Spain’s position with respect to factors such as education, recreation and housing and the natural environment, and considers that economic growth forecasts represent another competitive advantage over other countries, particularly in the European environment.

Likewise, it highlights that the level of social support supports the integration and inclusion of talent, at the same time that Madrid and Barcelona are cities with “excellent quality of life”, with Malaga approaching the top spot.

Added to these factors is the Law on ‘startups’, which is currently in the process of parliamentary processing and which aims to include taxes and administrative incentives for these types of companies, as well as additional fixes in other taxes, which Spain “intends to definitively position itself as the leader of an international talent host country”.

“Based on the report’s conclusions, Spain is well positioned in the race to become a global talent pool. However, there must be steps to improve aspects related to the socio-political environment, the economic environment and the cultural environment,” said Mercer consultant Laura Fil.

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