Stars with clear speech about big tournaments: – I’m worried

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The Davis Cup is in many ways tennis’ answer to the World Cup. The tournament is worldwide, played in various countries and attracts large audiences. For many tennis players, participating in the Davis Cup is a great opportunity to show themselves on the big stage, while for big stars, it is one of the few opportunities to assert themselves with a flag on their chest.

As with other tennis sports, there is also a desire for the development and “modernization” of the Davis Cup.


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Now the organizers, the ITF and Kosmos, see an opportunity to move the entire playoffs at a neutral venue – to a tennis facility in Abu Dhabi. The group stage is scheduled to take place in four different European cities, while the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final will take place at the Emirates.

This thought has caused many people to react, including former world number one Andy Murray.

– I’m worried about the Davis Cup, he started.

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In mid-December, Andy Murray, now battling back at the top of tennis after a period plagued by injury, was in Abu Dhabi to take part in the Mubadala World Tennis Championships.

The Scot reached the final, after he beat Rafael Nadal in the semifinals in straight sets. In the final, Andrey Rublev of Russia became too strong.

Andy Murray has nothing bad to say about the crowd in Abu Dhabi, but wants to challenge the idea of ​​moving the playoffs to a neutral nation. It destroys some of the charm of the Davis Cup, said the 34-year-old from Glasgow.

– I have played in Abu Dhabi several times and I always feel that the audience has come and supported me. They were engaged, so that was great. “I’m not saying it’s impossible to organize the Davis Cup there and get a good atmosphere, but it won’t be the same without the right home fans,” he said.

Murray is also aware that he has also experienced bad atmospheres in Europe.

– I also experienced playing Davis Cup in Spain, a country that loves tennis. I played the Davis Cup in Spain a few years ago, where we (Great Britain) played the Netherlands and Kazakhstan, and it was probably the worst atmosphere I’ve ever had.

– I think it was the fantastic home crowd that made the Davis Cup work so well. “Perhaps this is what stands out the most to us players and what makes the Davis Cup so popular,” Murray continued.

– Nothing to do with Abu Dhabi

Plans have yet to be decided, and Andy Murray, currently ranked the world’s 134th best tennis player, is wondering whether European audiences would travel to the Emirates if the playoffs were held there.

– So yes, I’m a little worried about the Davis Cup, but it has nothing to do with Abu Dhabi. That is also a problem in Spain. I’m just not sure if enough tennis fans would come to the game if the playoffs were held here.

– If Spain and Russia meet in the final, will you be able to get enough Spanish and Russian fans to watch the match? I’m not sure, and that’s what I’m worried about.

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