Starting in November, employers in NY must show salary in job offers

Starting November 1, employers will have to indicate the minimum and maximum salary of a position in a job offer, so applicants know what the pay is before going to interviews, he said. axio.

New law supporting workers

A growing number of states and cities are adopting pay transparency, a practice that seeks to reduce pay gaps related to gender and race.

  • Most recently, the payroll transparency law came into effect last year, in Colorado. For their part, starting January 2023, employers will be required to indicate salary in job offers in Washington state.
  • The law in New York was supposed to go into effect this month, but due to objections from the company, the date was pushed back to the end of last week.
  • Business groups have pointed out that these laws come at the worst possible time, when competition for workers is fierce and they want maximum flexibility in wages. In addition, they say it will hurt small businesses that pay less.
  • For their part, equal pay advocates say employers still have a lot of flexibility in posting maximums and minimums.

Salary information is a fundamental element

Axios points out that according to a recent study by job platform Linkedin, salary range data ranks as the most important part of a job description.

  • In industries such as the public sector, where wages are publicly available, the gender pay gap is narrower.
  • Axios said that while this law gives applicants more information to be able to negotiate their wages, what could really drive change is requiring employers to report internal wages, which is already the case in the UK.

With information from: axio

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