Stefanos Tsitsipas makes relationship with girlfriend ‘official’

The Greek, who is currently fifth in the ATP rankings, unleashes passion on and off the court.

At 23, Tsitsipas is one of the sport’s big promises and one of the most exciting on the circuit.

Apparently single, Stefanos has announced the relationship he has had for the past 3 years. It was through a post on his official Instagram account, where he first appeared together and in an intimate manner with a mysterious young woman.

We present to you Theodora Petelas, girlfriend of Stefanos Tsitsipas:

Theodora is Greek, as is tennis player. Born in 1995, this 20-year-old woman works in London as a junior strategist for a branding and marketing agency.

Before moving to England, he lived in the United States, where he studied at New York University. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science majoring in Project Management and Technology.

The couple reportedly met in New York in 2018 but the Greek athlete admitted he was too shy to ask her out at the time.

As Tsitsipas admits: “We’ve known each other for three years, through family friends. We met in New York and I really liked it, but then I was shy and didn’t express my feelings. But two years ago, again in New York, I asked her out. I asked her to go to Brooklyn to take some photos and I thought she liked them. I took a few, which are my favorite to this day!”

Petalas has helped him achieve balance in his life. The Greek tennis star raved about her girl:

“He is someone who is very supportive, has given me a great balance and I have a lot of feelings for him. I think he feels the same way! Our relationship is something very special. The fact that we understand each other and have a lot in common, Personality-wise, it really helps.”

The young woman, for her part, maintains total anonymity. Your Instagram account is private and in the profile photo her face appears in a snapshot where it appears she is next to a tennis player.

Absolute wisdom and respect. The basis of this relationship is growing every day to the point that the tennis player dares to share it on his social networks.

Is Tsitsipas dating Maria Sakkari?

Tsitsipas and US Open semifinalist Maria Sakkari have known each other for life. Their mother was a tennis player and they became friends at the age of 15.

The pair played together in the Hopman Cup in December 2018, beating a US team that included Serena Williams and Frances Tiafoe.

Although they have posted photos together on Instagram in the past, Tsitsipas has never dated Sakkari, even though he once suggested that she would like him. According to outlet ‘Tennis Tonic’, the Greek said of Sakkari: “She’s a very nice girl with a good character. I could have dated him but I didn’t, I don’t know why.”

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