Store your food in Tetris blocks and order your fridge in style

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Some curious news came to us which we are sure will interest all fans Tetris (Especially Godínezes), as it was recently confirmed that the popular saga teamed up with Samsung to create some sort of toppers that will keep food in your fridge in great style.

Now you can understand the moms who really care about their toppers

Tetris is one of the classic and most important franchises in video games, so it’s natural to see some objects in different accessories or toys in general. However, have you ever thought about seeing the iconic figure in your fridge?

Well, now all of that is possible thanks to Samsung Stackers, a line of toppers inspired by the popular video game, which lets you store all the food in your fridge on a mission to reduce waste, as well as make the most of space. your equipment like never before.

Here you can see them:

As you can see, the kit will have 7 known figures Tetris and they will come in a variety of colors, such as light blue, yellow, purple, green, dark blue, red, and orange.

“It’s great to see Samsung Stackers bring our games to life and we can’t wait to see users turn their fridge and freezer space into a real-life Tetris game,” said Maya Rogers, CEO of Tetris.

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New bad? Unfortunately, the launch will only take place in European countries such as Croatia, Spain, Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, France and the UK, among others, so fans of our region will have to cross their fingers for them to arrive. in the future to America. The product will sell for €25 EUR and the proceeds will be donated to the European Federation of Food Banks.

What do you think about toppers? Tell us in the comments.

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