Stuck at the party gate, Boris Johnson fights for his political survival

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Boris Johnson championed his position as leader of the British Government after his culppare attended a Downing Street party in 2020. The situation was further complicated this 13 January with the revelations Telegraph that there was another party on the eve of the funeral of Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth’s husband, while the country was in national mourning.

In the UK, calls for Boris Johnson to resign are mounting. The British prime minister was forced to make a “sincere apology” in Parliament on Wednesday after the press revealed he had attended a reception in May 2020 with 40 people in lockdown. He provoked widespread ridicule by saying he thought it was a “work event”, despite the fact that an email from his private secretary, which Johnson said he had not read, asked a hundred guests to “bring their own drinks”.

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Moreover, the newspaper revealed Telegraph This Thursday, Johnson’s office staff will hold a farewell drink in honor of two workers in full confinement and on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral, on April 16, 2021, in two separate events.

The new scandal coincides with a leaked video of Johnson in which he is seen dancing with a woman wielding a lightsaber. However, it is necessary to contextualize when, and the British press seem to agree that it was before the pandemic, many years ago. But politicians and Britons are tired of the prime minister.

Resignation call

Johnson has faced calls to resign, including from his own party. Most members of the government support him but the support of a few, such as finance minister Rishi Sunak, whose name is heard replacing him at the top of the party and government leadership, has been lukewarm.

Joining calls from all three main opposition parties for Johnson to resign, some Conservative lawmakers such as Roger Gale, who called him “dead and alive”, have called for their own parties to act to oust him.

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While calls to launch an internal condemnation motion echoed through Westminster’s Conservative ranks, Johnson’s party leader in Scotland, Douglas Ross, joined at least four representatives from the far-right caucus in calling outright for him to resign.

“He will not resign,” a spokesman for Johnson told reporters on Wednesday, asking to await the outcome of an internal investigation commissioned by senior official Sue Gray, the conclusion of which could be decisive.

“I don’t think we should let an official’s conclusions determine his future,” Conservative MP William Wragg, who is responsible for setting up a possible no-confidence motion, told the BBC, and for whom “the position of prime minister is untenable.” “It is up to the Conservative Party, if not the prime minister himself, to make that decision,” he added.

angry english

In front of Parliament, some Britons did not hide their anger. “I am so angry! I am angry because during my confinement I drank coffee with my husband at the bank, we didn’t hurt anyone, it was just us, and the police have fined us with our coffee,” Janet told our correspondent, Emeline. Vin.

For Lee, the government must set an example: “It’s to do what I say, not what I do. This man is a national disgrace. He doesn’t care about us, he doesn’t care what he’s done, he doesn’t care what he does. we experience when he does what he wants.”

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Like him, 60% of Britons believe Boris Johnson should resign. Jacqueline also hopes he will leave: “He might leave, but I think they’ll wait for the local elections in May to get him out. They call him Teflon minister, like a pan, because everything slipped on him. He’ll be fine… But no , it’s timeless, and I can’t wait to kick my ass.”

YouGov poll, conducted for daily Time prior to his apology, he gave Labor a ten-point lead over the Conservatives, something that had not happened in nearly a decade.

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