Summary of the main news broadcasts of this Thursday, January 13th, by the International service


This is a summary of the headlines broadcast this Thursday, January 13, by the news service Internacional de Europa Press:

Ukraine (1).- Twenty-seven consider Russia’s request “unacceptable” for its neighbor not to join NATO

European Union foreign ministers this Thursday rejected any request from Russia to halt NATO’s expansion into Eastern Europe, confirming that it is “unacceptable” that it tries to define the security policies of third countries, as it is trying to do with Ukraine and Georgia.

Ukraine (2).- European Union extends economic sanctions against Russia over conflict in eastern Ukraine

European Union countries have extended another six months of economic sanctions weighing on Russia for a lack of implementation of an agreement to appease eastern Ukraine.

Russia.- Russia is now speculating with military deployments in Cuba and Venezuela

The Russian government has assured that it is “not ruling out” military deployments in Cuba and Venezuela, amid rising tensions with the West due to recent mobilizations around Ukraine and after sending troops to Kazakhstan, as a result of recent protests against the authorities.

Coronavirus.- US Supreme Court overturns Biden law that required employees of large corporations to be vaccinated

The United States Supreme Court this Thursday repealed a law by the administration of the president, Joe Biden, that forced large companies to require their workers to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, or at least give periodic negative tests, and to wear masks in the workplace, despite agreeing standards for public health care workers.

R.United.- The Royal House of the United Kingdom revokes Prince Andrew’s military title and royal patronage

Buckingham Palace announced Thursday that the military titles and royal patronage of Prince Andrew, who was implicated in the alleged sexual abuse of minors, had been returned to his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

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