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MAKES A JOY: This handsome man lies naked on the dock at the Quality Hotel Skjærgården in Langesund.

– We heard some children howling, says Sandra Fuglset of Quality Hotel Skjærgården in Langesund.

She is the activity manager for children and youth at the hotel.

On Sundays, he didn’t need to create any activity: They came on their own, via a large seal that suddenly sprawled out on the dock under the hotel and basked in the sun.

– We ran downstairs when the kids screamed – and that’s it. At first we were a little nervous because of the kids, but they thought it was a lot of fun, so there’s no need to worry, says Sandra.

He said today’s attraction was found around 10.30.

– It’s still there, he said when VG was in the thread an hour later.

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He says they are in doubt about what to do.

– It just lies there and does nothing. It’s not threatening and really just stasis. But we’ve researched quite a bit, he says:

RELAXING: walruses lay mostly just lazing around.

– We search online what to do in such a situation. It is said that one should not get too close, because then one can think that one is threatened. So we kept a good distance and enjoyed seeing such a big animal with our own eyes. It is not so often a person gains experience.

Camilla Lundby and daughter Nora (6) bathe in Langesund as the walruses swim under the pier. They had just managed to land, and saw the ship coming up to the dock.

– I was standing on the shower ladder when I suddenly heard a splash behind me. It was great fun, Camilla told VG.

– We usually don’t do walrus

Veterinarian Rolf Tore Meen at veterinary care in Grenland said the advice they found was good. He says he’s a bit in deep water, unlike a walrus:

– We don’t usually do walruses, so I don’t know exactly what to say, he started.

– But maybe it’s best to just let it go and not bother him. Unless sick. If something needs to be done, maybe the wildlife committee should handle it.

– Do not be stupid

At the Bamble Wildlife Committee, they took the news of the walruses very calmly.

– I presume it may be a walrus that has been seen in Jomfruland and elsewhere in recent weeks.

He said the advice to keep a distance was important.

– You shouldn’t play with big mammals. It will probably go away on its own, said Torstein Dahl, leader of the Bamble game and onshore fishing committee.

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