Sweden and UK announce mutual defense agreement

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Swedish counterpart Magdalena Andersson announced a mutual defense and protection agreement in the event of aggression on Wednesday, ahead of Sweden’s decision to join NATO.

“If Sweden is attacked and comes to us for help, we will provide it,” the British prime minister said at a joint news conference in Sweden.

“If either of the two countries experiences a disaster or an attack, the UK and Sweden will help each other in various ways … including military means,” Andersson said.

Johnson will sign a similar deal with Finland on a visit to Helsinki on Wednesday afternoon, according to his cabinet.

The two Nordic countries, concerned about Russia’s reaction to their possible NATO membership request in the coming days, are seeking a bilateral security agreement for the period between their candidacy and their formal entry into the Transatlantic Alliance, which may last several months.

According to officials from both countries, discussions have been held with the alliance’s major powers (USA, UK, France, Germany).

The “declaration of political solidarity” signed with London on Wednesday was the first formal agreement to be publicly announced.


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