Tattoo artist José Contreras triumphs all over the world

Tattoo art has accompanied him since he was very young, to the point that Conquer several European countries like France, Denmark and Englandthrough congresses and events where his talent has blossomed.

That Venezuelan artistic career started in 2007when he was just training as a tattoo artist and the excellence of his work cause to be part of the best studio in the world, among which, “No Regrets Tattoo Studio”, in the United Kingdom, where he had the opportunity to share with artists of different styles and cultures. As for the pictures, his weak point is animals, especially lions and tigerswhich he drew with a realistic look, though his extraordinary creativity allows him to create other types of images.

During his fifteen year career, he has received recognition, in addition to the teachings he received in artistic techniques such as oil and charcoal. Therefore, he is motivated to visit more studios, update his knowledge and stay up to date.

In the United States, he has also successfully positioned himself and entered the most coveted business in the country and the world.: “Last Rite Tattoos” (New York), “Dark Ages Tattoos” and “Ganges Tattoos” (Los Angeles) to name a few. The latter, “Gangga Tattoo”, is where the famous Spanish studio, Joaquín Ganga, is currently located, who has also taken tattoo art to another dimension. José’s talent has gained so much exposure that The client list includes soccer star Robert Lee Griffin III; Anthony Lavis, Los Angeles Lakers players, Post Malone and Ozunato name a few.

In his latest work with Post Malone, he breaks a common paradigm: he captures his art on the singer’s skin, while he remains completely sedated and, in turn, undergoes dental surgery, to add diamonds to his teeth. Certainly, every challenge inspires him to better prepare himself, to continue to develop his art around the world.

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