Taxis and technology, the key pair for summer mobility

07/28/2022 – The TAXI Gazette

Malaga is leading the recovery of international tourism in our country. With more than 1.2 million tourists in the first quarter of this year, the capital of the Costa del Sol is concentrated in just a quarter of the 4.5 million visitors Andalusia receives. Tourists who spend up to 10.6 days in the province and which pose a big challenge to their municipality’s mobility. To meet this challenge, the capital city of Malaga is clear that taxi services are essential and has increased the number of vehicles available by changing the payroll schedule during the summer.

And this sector has become the backbone of the new mobility, with more and more tourists choosing this mode of transportation to get around their destinations. This means an increase in the percentage of trips requested via the app to request a taxi, which last year already exceeded pre-pandemic data, especially between June and July, cchicken travel increased 57.71%. This is just some of the data that the Uber app provides a year after integrating Malaga taxis into its platform.

Since a long time ago, tourists from England, France, Portugal, Germany and Poland are some of those who used this app the most last summer. As explained by the company, in addition to the airport, which leads the top five most popular destinations in the application, the La Pesquera restaurant in Puerto Bans, the B51 Boutique Hotel in the same location, Puente Romano Marbella and María Zambrano Station complete the ranking of the sites most interested by users. .

More services and more efficient

The use of new technology and advances in the application has become a tool that makes it easier for users to find the nearest available taxi and, in addition, allows professionals to manage their hours behind the wheel better, making not only the service more efficient, but also more profitable. . An increasingly common alternative that will contribute to completely reforming the way we move around the city. As Anabel Díaz, Uber’s general director of Europe, the Middle East and Africa, pointed out in an interview for Forbes magazine, future mobility must be “so efficient, sustainable, reliable and multimodal that the need to use private cars is eliminated”. For that, he explained, it is necessary to offer “all mobility options”, including taxis.

“Private transportation is still there”, he assured, “because people have not received good service”that is why the company wants to continue to provide taxis with access to its technology through an alliance strategy, as in the case of Italy, where an agreement has been signed with the country’s largest radio taxi that will allow them to access demanding applications.


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