Terrain national team: 4th place for Sivert Ekroll at Nove Mesto

Super strong by junior Sivert Ekroll at UCI Junior Series MTB, who became No. 4 after a raw run-up from the start of number 70. Glad that it was a Danish win by Gustav Pedersen. Paul Schehl from Germany to No. 2 and Nathan Cornillon from France No. 3. Sivert is only 1.18 behind as the winner. Martin Farstadvoll had a tough day and Mats Koritov finished the trip very well and became No. 38 out of 140 participants.

In the women’s race at the UCI Junior Series MTB, Lisa Kristine Jorde took a good 32nd place. Here it is with 80 riders.

Hedda Brenningen Bjørklund had no day and struggled in U23 for women and ended up in 68th place. Here’s the Line Burquier winner from France. Things are going better in the men’s U23 class, where Ole Sigurd Rekdahl is 31st out of 160 drivers. William Høines Larsen came in in 62nd place.

Ingrid Sofie Bøe Jacobsen got a big boost this weekend and became No. 40. Rebecca Ellen McConnell from Australia who won in the women’s elite class.

The elite guys got their breakthrough as a team – unofficially the top three of all teams. Emil Hasund Eid is 21st after a strong race. Lost 1 minute in the first half because. queue, but climbs the whole race. Finished 3.01 after the winner. Mats Tubaas Glende resumed after a fine weekend at Albstadt and is 35th. Knut Røhme also delivered a solid ride on a very balanced lap and is 41st. The winner in the men’s elite was unexpected from England’s Thomas Pidcock. Erik Hægstad drove for KMC-Orbea and was number 74.

Overall, it’s great to see what we’re about to build, inspiring us to keep going.

Eddy Knudsen Storsæter
Medan national team manager

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Published 16.05.2022

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