– That’s not possible!

The rain created problems during Formula 1 qualifying for the British Grand Prix, but did not appear to affect World Championship leader Max Verstappen (24). Then Carlos Sainz (27) appeared.

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Red Bulls Max Verstappen appeared to have complete control through Saturday’s qualifying, but in the end, Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz was struck by thundering into the best time.

Verstappen failed to answer, and thus Sainz won his first qualifier in the 150th start of his career.

– No way, cried Sainz on the team radio when he was told he would start from the best starting position.

– I didn’t expect it. – I feel cruel out there. How do I get P1? continued a happy Spaniard.

TOP: Carlos Sainz during qualifying rain at Silverstone.

– It’s a rather difficult qualification. The car worked really well, but Q3 was like a lottery at times, Verstappen told organizers after second place.

– I still think that starting in the front row is very good for us, and we have a good car both dry and wet, the overall WC leader continued.

Sainz’s Ferrari team-mate, Charles Leclerc, finished third, despite problems in the rain.

– I’m happy on behalf of Carlos, he did a great job today. I played my last round, and I know it’s a round you should time. “I didn’t do it today, so I didn’t deserve it today,” Leclerc told organisers.

In the middle of the second qualifying round, the rain got so heavy that nothing could fix it.

At the time, Williams’ Nicholas Latifi was in tenth place – the last to qualify for the third qualifying round – and the Canadian sensationally advanced to Q3 for the first time in his career.

– Probably one of the biggest surprises of the year, says Viaplay expert commentator Henning Isdal.

However, in Q3, Latifi did it quite hard, and was the last of ten to make it there.

However, he started from the best position of his career when the British Grand Prix kicks off at 16:00 on Sunday.

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