That’s why he shows with Jakob: Luis’ last dream fulfilled

EUGENE (VG) Luis Grijalva (23) of Guatemala did the same as Jakob Ingebrigtsen (21) when he waved his hand at the crowd in the WC stadium before the race in qualifying 5000. But for a completely different reason than gold favorite Norway.

DREAM SITUATION: Luis Grijalva (yr) took the lead in Jakob Ingebrigtsen’s 5000 meter hot qualifier and held him down most of the time. On the left, heat and overall champion Jacob Krop of Kenya. In the middle was Yomif Kejelcha from Ethiopia who Grijalva defeated.

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Jakob Ingebrigtsen thinks the public is showing too little enthusiasm for Friday night’s 5,000 meters qualifying run in Norway. Therefore he started signaling to incite it’s to give the runners a round of applause and eggs for the sprint competition for last place.

For Luis Grijalva, waving is about celebrating his own achievements, and not least the fact that he’s actually in the WC – and right then and there it was understood he would be one of the 15 who will be fighting for the medal from distance at 03.05 on Monday Norwegian time. .

– He started, and I let myself get carried away because I knew I was in the final. That’s a pretty big problem for me. That has been my goal since October 1 (last year). That’s all I was thinking: “How can I reach the final?”, Luis Grijalva answered VG’s question about which of the two started waving first.

He also said he knew he could trust his “kick” – the speed boost – and that he was ready to go for anything.

– Representing Guatemala, which does not have many athletes in athletics and sports at all, is a great privilege. Have 14 million (Guatemala residents: over 16 million) people behind you. It’s great for me and Guatemala to reach the final. It’s big for all of Central America, he said.

FREQUENTLY SEEN: Luis Grijalva lives and studies in the Flagstaff plateau (2,000 masl) in Arizona, where Jakob Ingebrigtsen lives for a few weeks each year.

He made it to the Olympic final in Tokyo 11 months ago. In it he set a national record with 13.10.09. In Bislett’s Diamond League encounter on June 16 this year, he finished 11th with 13.18.13, two and a half seconds. behind Narve Gilje Nordås who set a personal record with 13.15.82. Two weeks later he set a national record in 3000 meters when he finished sixth with 7,38.67 in Stockholm’s Diamond League meet.

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In the WC qualifiers in Eugene, he got the third best time overall with 13.14.04, behind hot winners Jacob Krop of Kenya and Jakob Ingebrigtsen.

23 years living and studying in Flagstaff, Arizona. The story of his life and career as a middle-distance runner is very simple.

He came to the United States when he was one year old. His mother, Myra Morales, and father, Silverio Grijalva, later divorced. The mother returned to her homeland with her two brothers. A few years ago, one of them was shot and killed there in “driver after shot”, according to the newspaper. Daily Republic.

Luis Grijalva is what undocumented immigrants call, “Dreamers”. There are about 700,000 “dreamers” in the United States, according to Wikipedia. The “Dreamers” scheme was introduced by US President Barack Obama 10 years ago. Luis Grijalva can move freely in the United States, but must go through a huge bureaucratic factory if he is to compete beyond national borders.

According to the magazine Let’s run the application process can take up to six months, and costs NOK 40,000 – each time.

When he was due to go to the Olympics in Tokyo last year, he was granted leave three days before his planned departure from the United States. To secure a start at the Bislett Games on June 16 and Stockholm on June 30, he will have to get an invitation from the organizers in March.

Return to the interview zone under the Hayward Field bench. When asked about Jakob Ingebrigtsen, Luis Grijalva replied “he is amazing”.

– His capacity and what he has achieved at such a young age is simply incredible. I really respect him. He’s been in Flagstaff a lot, so I’ve seen him a lot. What is she doing? 1500 metersand back here now (at 5000 meters), very special.

– Who will take the gold on Sunday?

– Everyone can win. I can win. Anyone can win. Olympic champion, World Cup gold, world record. It means nothing then. What is certain is that you cannot “give” anything to anyone. You have to be confident, replied Luis Grivalja.

– You look confident?

– Yes, confident and comfortable. At the right time, he answered.

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